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Bronze: Science category

What Augmented Reality Means for Our Lives, Our Work, and the Way We Imagine the Future.

Over the next decade, what we see and how we see it will no longer be bound by biology. Instead, our everyday vision will be augmented with digital information to give us what spatial computing pioneer David Rose calls “SuperSight.” And as our view of the world becomes blended layers of information delivered via glasses, contact lenses, or projected light, it will fundamentally change learning, shopping, work, play, and much, much more.        David provides an insider’s guide to the way our lives are about to change, while also unpacking the downsides of this coming world—what he calls the hazards of SuperSight, from equity and access issues to bubble filter problems—and proposing rational, actionable ways around them.

From AI mirrors that advise us on our outfits, to museums that let us talk with deceased explorers and artists, to the ways we envision sustainable cities, the scope of augmented vision is boundless. 

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Spatial computing and the evolution of eyes

"David provides a time machine trip into the near future, where knowing more about anything is as simple as glancing at it.”

Pattie Maes, MIT Media Lab professor and academic head 

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