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Get your team up to speed using immersive technology to create real business value.


Inspirational, content-rich, and interactive

As a follow-on to my book SuperSight, I’ve been leading short workshops for companies. Typically these are for 10-20 people, hosted at MIT, on a corporate campus, or some fancy offsite location. Attendees dive into augmented reality experiences and prototyping tools like Adobe Aero and Apple Reality composer to make something relevant to the business. Then I facilitate a whiteboard discussion about future timelines for these technologies and when each can bring meaningful value to customers. Your team will come away inspired, empowered, and informed--with tangible ideas for new services with “magic moments” that differentiate the business with immersive technology.

Workshop Agenda


9:00 - 10:00: Introductions & Inspiration


We start the workshop day with inspiration. David Rose, author of SuperSight, will share a vision for how one of the most important senses will radically change with the next generation of wearable technology, and what this means for the world of work.


10:30 - 12:00: Case Study Presentations


A series of short case-study presentations will help you learn how other companies are using augmented world technologies across the enterprise: for selling, training, customer support, and more. You’ll see how each of these projects gained executive support, designed the solution, staffed the team, budgets, and estimated the ROI. You will glean valuable lessons from these stories that are directly applicable to your future AR initiatives.


1:00 - 3:00: Small Group Envisioning


We have designed a set of experiences for you to apply SuperSight to your organization in a specific way to generate value. 

Each of these sessions, both experiential and generative, last about 60min so people can rotate through three different activities. We will have multiple facilitators to assist with ideation, sketching, and making.

Human Insights

  • X-ray vision: It’s a super-hero fantasy made real with SuperSight. What insights and understanding might you glean at work from X-ray vision? 

  • Seeing through others’ eyes: When would it be most helpful to have a second set of eyes on your work? How might this change collaboration and learning?


Your Work of the Future

  • Conversational cues: How would you want conversations with your colleagues to change with AR annotations above their heads, with avatars, face filters or other virtual information layers? 

  • Guardian angels: What if a virtual coach could see and understand your engagement, emotional state, biorhythms, and more? How would this benevolent coach help you at work? 

  • Decisive moments: an activity where we study a critical decision point on the job and sketch up how augmented reality might help that person.

  • Risk Clouds: a mapping activity where we imagine how to increase workplace safety and reduce costly errors.

  • Time machines: AR can transport us into historical moments and environments to learn in an incredibly vivid way. As a group, we will create a time to plan the most interesting moments to relive. 

  • Diminished reality design: in the activity, we consider the inverse of AR. What environments are so cluttered, confusing, and Byzantine that we would prefer to simplify them? We use a blurring and white-out wand in VR to prototype it.

Making Future Impact

  • The sustainability game: We combine gamification conventions with the serious game of climate change and sustainability. If we could see where products come from and how they are disposed of, would that change how we function as a business?

  • Day-in-the-life: a narrative approach to envisioning how we will work and live in the future. 

  • Future states: An envisioning exercise to sketch out a few future worlds then ask how your company's products and services need to change to succeed in these fictional near-futures


4:40 - 5:00: Large Group Activity


We end the afternoon with a large group activity where everyone annotates the environment with virtual paint. These annotations can be useful to guide others, explain how things work, or be purely expressive like graffiti. In either case, it’s loads of fun and tees up a conversation about the persistence of virtual marks and how to filter a world filled with them.


5:30: Recap and Finale


Annotated cocktails, ideally on a rooftop.


Augmented Reality is an Imagination Engine.


Over the next decade, what we see and how we see it will no longer be bound by biology. Instead, our everyday vision will be blended with digital information, to give us what spatial computing pioneer David Rose calls “SuperSight.” This workshop offers an insider’s guide to how our lives are about to change while also unpacking the downsides of this coming world—what he calls the hazards of SuperSight, from equity and access issues to bubble filter problems—and proposing rational, actionable ways around them.


The SuperSight workshop will preview the SuperSight revolution, help your team understand some profound implications for your business. Together we’ll sketch out some transformational ideas and outline a plan to prototype the experiences and quantify their value.

Your Faculty


David Rose is a teacher, author, entrepreneur, and expert on ambient and spatial computing. David was recently at Warby Parker where his team built the award-winning virtual try-on service. His latest book SuperSight is a speculative romp into the ramifications of the coming metaverse. To see David under pressure, watch him on The Daily Show or visit his home in this clip from the New York Times

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Lee Moreau is the founder and director of Other Tomorrows, a design and strategy studio based in Boston. Previously, he was the VP of Design at EPAM Continuum, Director of Environments at 2x4, and worked as a designer at IDEO and at the Rockwell Group. Lee is also Professor of the Practice of Design within Northeastern University’s College of Arts, Media, and Design.

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Monique Fuchs is a future thinker, educator and business designer regularly challenging the status quo and creating new opportunity spaces at the intersection of academia, industry and government. She currently works with MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence and Germany’s Department of Labor instigating networked thinking and innovation to prepare leaders for uncertain futures.

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